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Letter from the Chairman

Dear Friends,

Welcome to MIBG, the Mongolian Investment Banking Group. Our firm and the people that make up it's foundation have had an intimate involvement in the development of the Mongolian mining and resources sector. This history has provided MIBG with a strong network of both domestic and international partners.

The team of executives and employees at MIBG is dedicated to delivering the highest possible value to our clients. They work diligently to meet the needs of foreign investors, foreign listed companies, and domestic entities that are active in the Mongolian mining and resources sector.

MIBG is a privately held company owned by a small group of strategic shareholders. The largest of which, the MIH Group LLC is active in mining and resource development through wholly owned subsidiaries such as Mine Info and international joint ventures such as Behre Dolbear Mongolia. This network of established mining professionals and world class service firms has provided a strong foundation for MIBG’s success in a highly competitive market.

Our Chief Executive, Mr. Bilguun Ankhbayar and his team have the unwavering support of the Board and have continued to impress with their value driven approach on conducting business between foreign and domestic partners. As a full service investment bank, we pride ourselves both on this approach as well as the range of activities that we are able to offer within the specialized field of mining and resources. This has allowed our firm to establish long lasting relationships across the value chain and to position ourselves as leaders in Mongolian finance.

If you are interested in becoming involved or in expanding activities in Mongolia our team would be happy to speak with you to discuss your aspirations.


Mr. Jargalsaikhan Dugar
Mongolian Investment Banking Group LLC